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Justice Against Terrorism - About Us

Justice Against Terrorism was created because of the awareness about terrorist acts. We are completely bothered by the fact that terrorism is threatening a lot of people, not to mention that these terrorists are more than capable of inflicting harm and endangering many of us. As people living in this world, we cannot just let these people do what they want in the cruelest ways possible. It is not right to let them take lives especially of innocent people, especially children. They have to be stopped from spreading terrorism all over the world.

The people of Justice Against Terrorism thought that we better do something for our own people or better yet, support the campaign against terrorism. We all reached out to each other to create our own group and spread the word that we do want justice against terrorism. It is only righteous to fight for justice and to find ways to prevent terrorism, that is why we did everything we can to gain more help and support. It was not easy, given the fact that we are only a small group in Texas. But with our hard work and patience to gain people’s attention and help, we were finally able to receive the support we seek.

Up until now, Justice Against Terrorism still does everything it can to provide help to the victims of terrorism and to reach out to more people, especially to the government. We continue to campaign against terrorist acts and to get government to take action. The things terrorists do are cruel, and so does letting them do everything they want. We should not waste our time letting them terrorize people, but we must do something to protect the people, protect each other, even if it means doing the smallest things we can do.