Antonio Hudson

Justice Against Terrorism

Justice Against Terrorism

Terrorism is always a terrifying prospect. Of course, the act of cruelty and hideous things done by the terrorists are enough to make us afraid, feel unsafe, and be bothered all the time. To us, terrorism is something we always fear considering the fact that terrorists are capable of taking lives they don’t even deserve to take. No one deserves to take lives from other people because, in the first place, we’re not the ones who give ourselves this life we have. But what can we really do when terrorism is is spreading like mushroom all over the world?

We ought to protect or help the people, the victims of terrorism, or we can at least support organizations that implement and campaigns against terrorism. It is so fearful not knowing if we are safe anymore or not. The acts of terrorism can happen anytime and anywhere, that is why people should be aware of these things or better yet, make sure that terrorism will not even happen. It is indeed a hard thing to prevent, knowing that there are many terrorists who can do whatever they want, anytime they want. But are we here just to let them do whatever they please? No. We are here, Justice Against Terrorism to support anti-terrorism and make sure that we help victims of terrors as well. People can be unaware of the future. We will never know when and how to prevent these cruel things happening in the world. But with simple help from others just like our organization that started years ago as a small group of people meeting in a garage  in Tempe AZ. Now, we are more than enough to be able to give help to other people and fight for our own justice against these cruel terrorists.

Since every person in this world deserves justice, most especially the people who have been victims of these cruel terrorists, it is only right to have people who support them as well. There are many organizations out there who support the campaigns against terrorism, and one of these organizations is Justice Against Terrorism which is here mainly to seek ‘justice’ for those victims of terrorism. However, we are not only here to help the victims from the past. We are also here to prevent terrorist acts from happening in the future as much as we can. Our organization, along with others who are asking for help from people, and from the government, we intend to reach out to those who can help us prevent such cruelty in our world since it is only right to protect not just ourselves, but also the other people living in this world.

We encourage you to take part and do something against terrorism as well. Join us in our forum and share your thoughts about the cruelty that is happening around us. If you can, please do contact us and give us help so we could take care of each other, especially the victims of these terrors.